Omega Micro Technologies Offers Customers:

RF and Microwave Design and Simulation • High Frequency Substrates and Packages Operating up to 110 GHz • Space Qualified Substrates and Packages • Hermetic Packages • Advanced Packaging Solutions • Plated LTCC Substrates • Enhanced Thermally Conductivity Heat Spreaders and Packages to Support Higher Power Applications • Complex Cavities and Shapes • High Density Interconnects

Supporting these Solutions, Omega has the Capabilities to Provide:

  • Full Design, Modeling, Simulation, and Layout Services
  • Materials Selection
  • Processing of LTCC and Thick-film Substrates (Alumina and Aluminum Nitride)
  • Multiple metalizations from which to choose such as gold, silver, mixed-metal, and plated (LTCC only)
  • Embedded Components: Capacitors, Inductors, Baluns, Filters, Matching Circuitry
  • Surface and Embedded Resistors
  • Cavities, Complex 3D Shapes and Irregular Perimeter Shapes
  • Brazing: Leads, Seal Rings, Heat Spreaders, Nose Blocks, Pins

Research and Development by Omega has Resulted in Three Unique Capabilities that Allow Greater Flexibility in Customer’s Designs

Plated LTCC Substrates:

  • Omega's proprietary process utilizes a multilayer ceramic substrate constructed exclusively with silver conductors which are then electrolessly plated with nickel followed by a thin layer of gold
  • LTCC substrates with silver conductors can be plated using either nickel/gold (Ni/Au) or nickel/palladium/gold (Ni/Pd/Au).
  • Plated LTCC substrates provide reliability approaching that of an all-gold conductor substrate but at nearly the price of an all-silver substrate.
  • Omega’s process is qualified on numerous military and commercial platforms.

Package on Package:

  • PoP approaches create multiple faces for surface mounting of IC’s and passive components while allowing three dimensional wiring, and embedded passives for the ultimate in high density applications.
  • By stacking multiple substrates, the overall footprint of circuitry can be further reduced for highly integrated solutions.

Thermally Efficient Packaging:

  • Omega has been developing improved thermally efficient heat spreaders that when brazed to ceramic substrates provides a dramatically improved thermally conductive package for higher power applications such as T/R modules and power amplifiers.
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