Omega is one of the leading manufacturers of LTCC and Thick Film substrates


Low Temperature Cofire Ceramic is a multilayer technology comprised of layers of glass/ceramic dielectric in sheet format and nobel metals. By punching and filling interconnect vias and screen printing interconnect conductive patterns on individual layers, these layers are stacked, laminated, and fired to produce a hermetic high density substrate. Cavities and irregular shapes can also be incorporated prior to firing.

Dielectric Materials

  • DuPont 951and 9K7
  • Ferro A6 and L8
  • Heraeus HL2000


  • Silver
  • Silver/Palladium
  • Gold
  • Gold/Platinum

To reduce cost and increase reliability of silver systems, plating of Ni/Au over external silver results in a very solderable and wire bondable surface. This is only offered on the DuPont 951 system at this point. Development is on-going for plating the 9K7 and L8 systems.

Thick Film

Standard Thick Film substrates of Alumina and Aluminum Nitride are also produced using DuPont and ESL metals of Gold, Silver, Silver/Palladium, and Gold/Platinum.

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